In progress: The Hero of Zegoma Beach

Before I get to work on the Oconic Gates 2 (title TBD), I’ve finished up The Oconic Prison novella and just started work on the second spin-off — The Hero of Zegoma Beach.

Anyone who has read Once Called Magic will know that Lokke de Calvas is often described as ‘The Hero of Zegoma Beach’, but what happened that day is never quite explained. I planned to leave it unaddressed, or maybe answer it somewhere in the Oconic Gates Book 2. But an early story I abandoned called ‘Impossible Castle’ seemed a perfect fit, and so the notes for that are being reworked as an oconic tale.

As of 18 July 2016, it starts like this:

Anybody else would have fled.

As cannon fire from a thousand ships rained hot lead upon Zegoma Beach, you wouldn’t have blamed a man for running. But Caster Lokke de Calvas stood his ground, every shot that landed geysering sand and pebbles into the air. No comrades to join him in battle – the garrison lay four miles distant across the headland. Nowhere to run before the first vessels ground ashore. Just one legionnaire bravely facing one hundred thousand sword-wielding warriors, borne on a fleet that filled the horizon.

Impossible odds.

The stuff of legend…

What follows is an invasion story that shows the events leading up to the ‘incident’ on Zegoma Beach and the part Lokke de Calvas played in it.

With a bit of luck, and if the writing gods are smiling down upon me, I hope to get the novella-length story finished by the end of the year. It’s already well underway.

In the meantime, you can start the story of Lokke de Calvas with Once Called Magic, which you can find on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and all good digital book stores.