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The Oconic Prison

He avoided going to prison, now he’s breaking into one…

Varo Pinetta has had his scrapes with the law, but now he’s a caster – a legionnaire trained to wield magical ‘oca’ in service of the Empire. He thought he’d put his criminal past behind him. But then his Sergeant ordered him to bust into a prison to rescue an old friend.

Not just any prison. A 600 foot-tall tower of rock called a Pillar, its location unknown, a portal gateway the only way in or out. Led by a beautiful thief, Pinetta and his fellow prison-breakers hatch a daring plan that involves an explosive heist and a clever fraud. The trouble is, the prison governor knows they’re coming…

Can they rescue the oconic prisoner? Or will they die trying?

The Oconic Prison is a page-turning fantasy thriller that’s part Ripper Street, part Stargate, with a touch of The Italian Job.

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Book Categories: Fantasy