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Once Called Thief

Monsters lurk through the oconic gateways.

Most think them myths or legends, but they’re all too real. Terrible things that skitter through the dark passages of forgotten castles and prowl old lands long thought deserted and dead.

The gods help us all if they ever get out.

It’s a thought not lost on Lokke de Calvas as he journeys to the far side of the world, searching for a magical weapon with the power to obliterate a city. The sooner he finds it, the sooner he can forget about giant spiders and killer water warriors.

But it’s not going to be easy. There’s an Ocosconan Captain who doesn’t trust him, a fearful Watcher who wants to see him burn, not forgetting the million souls across the Mulai Empire who crave the bounty on his head.

Yet none of these are as dangerous as a little boy known as Stone. A gutter child. A riverbank scrounger. A nobody. Somehow, he poses the biggest challenge to Lokke’s new mission, his desire for vengeance and his very freedom.

As a new threat rises and old foes return, Lokke’s life is about to ripped apart again.

Once Called Thief is the second book in Lexel J. Green’s fantasy thriller series The Oconic Gates. It’s a fast-paced, inventive and magic-powered adventure that’s part Ripper Street, part Stargate, with a dash of steampunk and a pinch of Raymond Feist-iness.

Grab your copy of Once Called Thief today and continue the exciting series that started with the novel Once Called Magic.

Book Categories: Fantasy