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Welcome. Come in. Make yourself comfortable. I think there's room at the back... I'm Lexel J. Green and this is my website. Feel free to have a look around. Get…

In progress: The Hero of Zegoma Beach

Before I get to work on the Oconic Gates 2 (title TBD), I’ve finished up The Oconic Prison novella and just started work on the second spin-off — The Hero…

Excerpt: The Oconic Prison

What follows is the opening chapter of The Oconic Prison – a prison break/heist story that’s a companion to the novel Once Called Magic, Book 1 in the Oconic Gates…

About Lexel J. Green

Lexel J. Green has been a have-a-go writer of video game reviews, film summaries, technology features, digital artist interviews, accountancy advice, heritage leaflets and website pages.

He lives in a little town called Marlow, not far from the River Thames, but far enough away when it floods in wet winters.

Once Called Magic is his first book. It’s the first in a fantasy adventure/thriller series called The Oconic Gates, which blends Victorian-era militarism with magic, bio-weaponry and Stargate-style portals.